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Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

Story 3 April 2020

Bodhi Tree Story Time 🐱

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will upload a new story with new lesson plan ideas to carry on developing your child’s learning while at home.

Lesson plan 5
Creative curriculum

For today’s lesson plan I would like to invite you all (mums and dads included) to draw, paint or re-enact a dream you had.

Let the imagination take you place; use pencils, watercolours, crayons or blankets, scarves and pillows.

Play with your child, talk about dreams you had and create memories.

If you are drawing show your child how to hold a pencil correctly ✍️. If you are setting up a play transform resources around the house, for example a scarf is a baby, a pillow is a bubble bath.

And if you are playing a different game let me know what did you come up with.

Stay safe and I’ll see you all on Monday, next week I’ll be reading a story in Itualian!