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Our Philosophy

Our approach is based on the Montessori methodology.

Bodhi Tree Nursery

The Montessori Approach

We have designed our nursery as a peaceful and reflective environment where the children are treated as adults and encouraged to feel their inner strength enabling them to relate to their environment with confidence and authenticity.

The garden features a woody corner filled with logs and bark creates a forest feeling that invites the children to explore and use their imagination without being dependent on other man-made resources.

Our French windows open up to our Zen inspired garden, allowing a free flow from the classroom to the outdoors.

Based on the Montessori philosophy, we also embrace influences and methods from around the world, including Japanese Zen, Bodhidharma – “Compassion In Action”, Forest School and Rudolf Steiner to name a few.

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Food for Body, Mind and Soul

Having travelled the world and being exposed to a vast array of nutritional information, we are passionate about studying and understanding the impact of diet on body, mind and soul. We have personally witnessed how a solid and balanced vegan diet can bring about a positive transformation, and we have built our nursery around this experience.

Introducing children to a rainbow of super foods, multi-grains and vibrant organic fruits and vegetables is extremely exciting and fun. Our children grow with a love for ‘live’ food and a deep understanding of how vegetables are grown, how they are cooked and how they benefit their bodies.

Lunch time is an opportunity to gather around the table and eat together as a family. This includes our staff too! Children are encouraged to eat by observing the adults eating the same food. Table manners are not enforced but encouraged through example.

We source our vegetables from the local farmer’s market, therefore, we cook from market to plate allowing the seasons and creativity to dictate the menu.

Bodhi Tree Nursery Sample Menu