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The Ugly Duckling

Story 27 April 2020

Bodhi Tree Story Time 🦆

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will upload a new story with new lesson plan ideas to carry on developing your child’s learning while at home.

Lesson 15
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Floating and Sinking experiment

Today we encourage you to try out one of our favourite experiments: the floating and sinking experiment.

In a basket collect with your child different objects (which can get wet). For example: a toy animal, a ball, a cup, a spoon, a lid etc.

Divide the objects into 2 groups, what will float on water and what will sink?

Once the predictions are made place the objects in a bowl with water and record if you were right or wrong.

Talk about why some objects sink other float, look at the difference in materials. A metal object will sink an empty plastic ball will float.

Have fun with the game and see you all on Wednesday at 11am live on our Fb page.