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The Reluctant Dragon

Story 24 April 2020

Bodhi Tree Story Time 🐉

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will upload a new story with new lesson plan ideas to carry on developing your child’s learning while at home.

Lesson 14

To celebrate St George create a mini castle and dragon play set out of toilet paper rolls.

Take a tray and like we’ve done before when making the monster gloves (lesson 7) gather a few craft materials and get creative with your child.

Use scissors to cut windows and doors on the castle, draw flowers or bricks or paint your mini castle.

Use green paper, goggly eyes and pom-poms to make the dragon body, eyes and nostrils. Use tissue paper to make the flame and don’t forget to ad a smile or a grin. Is your dragon good or scary?

Find little people in your toy box and tell the story with your child or create a new adventure!

Share your play set with #bodhitreestorytime and see you all on Monday, 11am live on Fb for a new story.