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My son is happier every day

My son is happier every day

Testimonial 27 January 2016

Let’s be honest. Looking for the right nursery, the right environment for our child’s development is every parent’s worst nightmare. Or so it was until we met Giulia and Avital at Bodhi Tree Nursery. Nothing against any other nurseries we had visited, it just never felt completely right until Leo started to join them at 12 months.

As weeks went by, not only could we feel him happier every day but us feeling safer knowing our little man was in good hands, cared for not just baby sited, learned basics not just passed time waiting to be picked up. Its not what we can explain but what we feel when he happily runs towards them when we drop him off and how smiley he is when we pick him up and says bye to them. Their invaluable experience, training, genuine care for children makes a whole difference.

Dominika Lepelletier