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Bug Quiz

Story 4 May 2020

Bodhi Tree Story Time 🐞

Every Monday we will be going live on Fb at 11am, we will read a story and upload a new lesson plan idea to carry on developing your child’s learning while at home. (If you are watching later skip a couple of minutes to get to the story!)

Lesson 17
Knowledge and Understanding Of the World

After taking the bug quiz now we know all about the insects with three pairs of legs. Insects are also characterised by three-part bodies and usually two pairs of wings.

For today’s game find a magnifying glass 🔎 or wear your hand binoculars and go on an insect  hunt in your garden.

Take a paper and draw as many insects as you can remember from our story, make sure you leave a space to write a number and if you know how to write label all your drawings.

Just to double check.. these were the insects found in our story:


Ant and grasshopper are also insects!

Have fun and enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Send us a picture of your findings with #bodhitreestorytime and see you all on Monday at 11am on Fb live.