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Little Mouse by Alison Murray

Story 30 March 2020

Bodhi Tree Story Time 🦁

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will upload a new story with new lesson plan ideas to carry on developing your child’s learning while at home.

Lesson Plan 3
Sensorial curriculum
Montessori sorting activities

For today’s game let your child find similarities and differences between objects.

Using the 4 adjectives used in the book to describe the giraffe, the bull and the lion:

Brave and

Play a sorting game!

Using baskets or pillows designate an area for tall objects, one for strong ones etc.

See where the conversation takes you and build your child’s sorting skills.

For a younger child to simplify the game use only 2 groups.

Sorting/matching/grading are all part of the Montessori Sensorial curriculum and prepare the child for later numeracy problem solving.

Ultimately have fun and enjoy discovering together.