Little Bunny Follows His Nose

Little Bunny Follows His Nose

Story 25 March 2020


Bodhi Tree Story Time 🐰

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Lesson Plan 2
Sensorial curriculum
Montessori Olfactory sense

In a basket place all containers that have a strong smell.

For example an old vanilla jar, various finished spice containers, perfume glasses, a box containing a small soap bar. You can even put few drops of essential oil on a sponge/cotton wool inside different containers.

Let your child open the containers and smell, depending by the age you can explain what they are smelling but if they are older let them guess.

Another fun activity which you can play with your child is having double containers of the same smell for a matching game.

Montessori sensorial curriculum refine all senses and with this simple activity your child is developing the olfactory sense.

Share your creations and have fun learning together.