A Farm Small World

A Farm Small World

Story 24 March 2020

How about building a farm small world with your child today?

Small world play builds creativity, concentration and keep little ones entertained for long period of time. Great to refine fine motor skills and let the imagination grow wild.

Depending by your child’s age you would need to be careful when choosing the materials. Younger children will have to be supervised, use eatable materials, make a simpler sensory box. Older children will pay more attention to details when creating the environment.

All you need is a large box, container or even a plant pot and a little imagination.
If you have been following us yesterday gather all the farm animals that your child has found after listening to the Bodhi Tree Story Time.
Have a look in your recycling bin for clean boxes, yogurt tubs, milk cartons; these are great to build barns and store food for the animals.
Use fallen leaves and sticks from the garden (or front yard) to create the farm environment and have a look in your kitchen if you can spare some lentils, flour or even a bit of pasta for the animal food.
In your craft drawer you can find lolli sticks, elastic bands, beads, marbles; older children can build construction and use the marbles as “water”.
Find tools to promote transferring activities such as spoons, a ladle and a funnel. Your child will lead the game feeding animals, putting them to sleep in their little homes and so much more.
Share your ideas and a picture of your creations. Enjoy and have fun. Learn through play!

PS: image featuring Dino small world, created back in 2015 😉